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Matt Chalk has been performing as an Auckland Corporate Magician, of the mind for the past three years. In this time he has developed an incredible, hilarious and most of all mind blowing stage and walk around mentalism and magic routine. Matt is one of the only entertainers in Auckland that specializes in psycological mind reading. He will tell you the day you were born, he will tell you the names of friends from your child, he will guess your PIN number (done in a dicreate way of course!) and so much more!
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August of this month has had big developments of the magic world being shown to the general public. With events from weed selling, to fakery I will analyse the biggest public magic events of August 2014 

I’m not talking about the greatest magic or mentalism releases of August or 2014 overall (although that is something I will cover in a future post :) I’m talking about how magic was perceived by the public in August of 2014

So I’ve put this blog post together to showcase three of magic’s biggest events in August of 2014, I hope you enjoy it!:

3 - “Magician Tries To Sell Weed to a Cop, Hilariousness Ensues!”

When I did a search for “magician” on the site buzzsumo (a fantastic site to check the most shared content of certain keywords) this was the first article to come up.

Calen Morelli has released several of my favorite creations in the magic industry (DRESSCODE, Function9 and more!) but this year he was in the headlines for something a little bit different…auckland magician Matt Chalk, is the perfect auckland corporate magician for your next event

Calen was on the front page of many news websites for a video that he released.

In the video Calen appears to approach a polic officer with a bag of weed, he then asks the officer if they would like to “buy some weed”. 

The officer then goes to grab the bag from Calen, but Calen quickly cups his hands. The officer then demands Calen open his hands immediately but when Calen does the bag of magical plants has magically (see what I did there) disappeared. 

This created a viral sensation and magicians all over the world were divided;

They either loved the video and what Calen did, or they absolutley hated the video with ever fiber of their being.

Many people said the video was “fake” and immediatley began to throw hate at Calen (something he is probably used to, I never understood why magicians would spit fire as such a young talented guy, but oh well).

Eventually Calen released a statement to the TMZ website in a video call with them 

In the video Calen said the video was indeed fake but making the bag disappear was a real magic trick.

Matt’s thoughts?

Ultimately I believe that there is nothing wrong with the video that Calen created. As he said in his TMZ video, all he wants to do as a magician is “make people question their reality” and that’s exactly what Calen did. I have lots of respect for Calen for doing something out of the ordinary, but in the end promoted magic in the best way possible.

2: “Dynamo’s Shard levitation stunt fail as Twitter fans blast ‘You can literally see the wires”

Now this is a very interesting one. So interesting in fact that I am even doing my school “creative writing” assessment on the incident that happened in August. Seriously! Look!

auckland corporate magician: matt chalk, is the perfect choice of auckland corporate entertainment for your next auckland event

On August the 28th the infamous newspaper website “” published an article in which they claimed that Dynamo’s levitation above the Shard in London UK, was (wait for it) FAKEEE.

hire auckland corporate magician | Auckland mentalist| Matt Chalk for your next auckland event

The post got over 31,977 Facebook shares proving to be a very popular piece of news.


It is claimed that users posted images of Dynamo levitating above the Shard with supposed (gasp) wires attached to him helping him levitate.

People then began to disgrace Dynamo saying 

He should at least give every penny he’s earned through cheating to charity, I suggest a special school”

Eventually Dynamo came back with a statement saying that the photograph of the wires was taken in a practice run, for the filming of his new TV series, not the actual levitation itself. 

Matt’s Thoughts?

I was genuinely disgusted when I discovered that people were calling out Dynamo for using wires in such a pubic illusion. He is a magician! He is not a real conjurer! All in all you all helped Dynamo and his massive publicity stunt to get people talking about magic, and talk they did.

1 - RI magician Mat Franco wins “America’s Got Talent”

For the first time in the history of “insert country here” got talent, a magician one first prize. auckland corporate magician: Matt Chalk

Mat Franco wasn’t a big fancy illusionist, he was a close up magician that did magic with one of the most well known yet mind blowing objects; Playing cards. 

The magic world erupted with happiness when it was discovered that Mat had won the competition, and it gave the magic world a huge boost.

Matt’s Thoughts?.

I am absolutely ecstatic that a magician has finally won a “got talent” show. It gives the magic world a huge boost in popularity and makes people think of us as normal entertainers (even though I am far from normal!).

And that’s it!

If you liked this blog post please share it with your friends and family it really helps me out! I’m going to be doing these one a month just to review incites into the magic world (from a public perspective anyways).

Thanks so much for reading!

Matt Chalk

  • September 21, 2014

Welcome to my new website!

My name is Matthew Chalk and I am an Auckland Mentalist | Auckland Magician of the Mind.

Feel free to look around on my site and find what my be suitable for your next Auckland event!

  • September 19, 2014

"Matt was an amazing performer! We hired him for our corporate event, and he was an instant hit! He performed some incredible mind reading, he even told someone their exact birthday without ever meeting them before! I would definitely recommend Matt as an incredible corporate magician."

James Simmons

"With his witty remarks and complex tricks, Matt has proven to be an incredible source of entertainment. His close up magic managed to stun everyone in the venue, he was absolutely flawless. I would definitely recommend him, a fun time for all."

Lilly Carter

" My guests are still talking about last weeks corporate party! Thank you so much Matt for the incredible show you put on for them. I have no clue how you did the things you did up on that stage, but I do know that it was amazing! Will be telling all out friends about you!

Micheal Thyfe